Supplier secrets: booth basics

When it comes to photo booths there is a lot of choice out there. Booths are brilliant for capturing the funniest, most intimate moment of the night. Check out these booth basics from Ray at Creative Booth to work out all the basics with booth hiring.

Q1. Do I need a booth at my wedding?

RAY: Of course you do! Photo booths are a great addition to your wedding or any event. They create a sense of fun and is great entertainment for guests young and old. It's always great to see when grandparents getup to enjoy the booth. We find that the booth is a little bit viral! There are always experienced photo booth who are stoked there is a booth. They generally create a sense of excitement and encourage other people to use it as well.

Q2. How long do I need a photo booth for? And where should l have it located?

RAY: It really depends on how long your reception goes for, 4hrs is our most popular package, however that can leave the end of the night missing something when people are having a bit more fun.

That could be a good thing or a bad thing: full reception hire can also be a great choice which generally 5-6hrs will cover that. The booth should be IN the reception venue and not out of the way. People need to see others have a great time with it. If its not in the same location as guests, your booth won't get the usage. We've been placed outside, in hallways, and near toilets. It's not fun for us or your guests. So do yourself a favour and make sure we are in with all the action and fun on the night!